CMA Finalist

Nhung Quach


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Hi Everybody

My name is Nhung and you can call me Nancy, I have been working at Dreamplex for 4 years. When I started working at Dreamplex as a receptionist after 2 years, we have more space opened and I was promoted to the Member Experience Manager Position.

Members always question me why I work at Dreamplex for that long and where do I get my motivation? My answer is very short and fast "You" and my “colleagues”, yes the biggest motivation for me to come to work everyday is my members and colleagues. Because when working at Dreamplex I meet a lot of people, It feels great to prepare everyone for a great, comfortable and full of experience workplace. I want to make everything is always ready when the members come to work even on holidays they still want to go to Dreamplex to relax and sharing because Dreamplex is not only a workplace but also a second home with friends and networking . I want to connect them together to create a second  family  to share, to grow and succeed together.

One of the things I feel most successful about is being shared because they feel confident in me. They shared a lot about work, family even wanted me to advise them on communication style, or Fashion style even there's Lover stories haha 

I am very grateful to my leaders and Dreamplex has given me a very interesting workplace, which I call a second home where good friends and colleagues are located.


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