CMA Finalist

Graciela Ibarra

Octava Workspaces

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My name is Graciela Ibarra. I have been part of the Octava Workspaces team since the beginning. We opened our doors less than a year ago, I enjoy how our work community has grown. When they ask me what responsibilities I have as an Office Manager of Octava Workspaces its still complicated for me to explain exactly what these are, because the thing just is to have everything perfect for our members. That may include cleaning up around if necessary, listening to their achievements or problems with a cup of coffee in the mornings or planning on the perfect service for every client.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation so I try to transmit this constantly to our members with activities and workshops. I don't know if it's just the vibe, the warmth of our space or the Mexican heritage, that I enjoy so much meeting and socializing daily with our people while we make sure we have the perfect space for their projects.


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